"I don't know how to to do this..."


...Great news! I do.

I'm Sarah Jackson, an Emmy® nominated Creative Director and Branded Content Consultant.

I can tell your brand’s story with creative that energizes, production systems that work and a strategy that delivers.

Growing up as both a writer and producer in Comedy Central's branding department, taught me the importance of having both skills in equal measure to make amazing and effective Branded Content.

Now I help brands like Nickelodeon, SYFY and BET integrate all sides of their highest priority initiatives to develop and deliver content that exceeds their business and creative goals.

  • Ideating and making authentic branded content.

  • Articulating and writing thought pieces that help showcase your strategy.

  • Identifying creative partners and contacts that take the idea to the next level.

  • Building the team and culture required to bring great ideas to life.

  • Diagnosing troubled projects to get them back on track.

  • Leading meetings and collaborative conversations to that sell great ideas upward and laterally to all project stakeholders.

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