Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some answers to a few common questions.

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Where are you located?

I'm located just outside of New York City, in the Hudson Valley area. I'm often in NYC for key  meetings or presentations, or elsewhere (Los Angeles) if the project requires.   

Will you work on Premises?

The majority of my clients work with me via Zoom video chat sessions, Slack, e-mail and good old-fashioned telephone. But if working on premises is required as part of the project's scope, that can also be arranged. We’ll determine this together as I work on your consultation package.




ArE YOu the right fit for me?

Excellent question! I believe in strategy, creative and production processes..but not theory. My superpower is translating big, complex creative into simple language and pragmatic solutions.  

If that feels good to you, why not contact me to set up a Discovery Call and we can discuss your project further.

Even better, you can book a brain blast  session with me and we can start working together right away. This is an affordable, low-risk way for you to get to know me and experience my value right away.