Consulting Services


I offer custom consulting packages to meet your project's  goals.

 Use these as thought-starters to start identifying what you need. Jot down any other challenges  for which you could use some solutions.  Then reach out via the Contact form so we can schedule a discovery call.

Don't need a full consulting package, but want some quick insight on Branded Content strategy, creative direction or production planning?  

Use the button below to book a 60 minute Brain Blast with me with as little as 24 hours notice.

This option is perfect if you're looking to pick my brain for things like staffing/creative partner options for your next project, ideas and thoughts for your next  presentation, solutions to get past an unexpected bump in the road...or anywhere else you think my insight would be help 






Creative strategy

Creative strategy is the intentional and strategic approach a creative team has agreed to  meet, in order to achieve business and creative goals.  It's the north star of your work, giving all the project's stakeholders something to follow.

I can help you articulate a Strategy that makes your project both practical and inspiring.

Think of your project as a road trip; Strategy is how you determine where you're going. Some signs you might have trouble in this area...

  • You feel confused as to what company leadership is asking you to provide.

  • Your creative partners repeatedly submitting work that doesn't answer the brief.

  • Project stakeholders still don't have an understanding of what you're doing, even after several presentations


Creative Direction is  the style and overall vibe you wish for your Branded Content project to deliver creatively.  Every maker on your team needs to have a clear understanding of your vision, and how it ladders up into the company's larger brand vision in order to make something great.

I can help you refine your vision and express it to your team in practical terms, ensuring your  Creative Direction is completely actionable at every level.

Moving forward  without clear creative direction is like giving someone the keys to drive without telling them how to get there. You might have issues in this area if...

  • You're continually reviewing work from your creatives and saying, "no, that's not it."

  • Company leadership is reviewing your work and saying, "That's not what we asked for."

Production planNING

An efficient Production Plan  to bring your ideas to life requires an understanding of what's truly possible creatively within your budget and timeline. 

I can help you understand what's possible, how it's possible and when it's possible with a production plan capable of bringing your ideas to life on-time and on-budget.

If  Strategy is the destination for your trip and Creative Direction is the GPS, Production is the speed limit, guardrails and rest stops. You might have problems in this area if...

  • You're constantly being told you don't have the money.

  • Your team appears stressed and over taxed.

  • You don't know how you're going to get it all done