A taste of my most recent work and thoughts from my delightful clients.



I love all my clients the same, of course. But I have a special place in my nerd-heart for SYFY. I provide creative exploration, strategy development and production recommendations so SYFY can deliver the dynamic content fans crave. Our partnership began when I was brought on as an Executive Producer for their massive brand reboot.

Sarah knew fundamentally that this was no ordinary brand refresh - and she used all her production superpowers for this adventure: creative problem-solving, team wrangling, and vendor whispering, In the end, she helped us launch (and continues to evolve with us) a multiplatform brand that geeks everywhere will feel was built just for them.
— Jeff Blackman, SYFY SVP Creative

Creative strategist, production consultant

Nickelodeon and I go waaaaay back. So I was happy to answer Nick Jr’s call when they needed a plan to bring their new brand system to life. A mega-creative involving over 400 distinct pieces with live action and custom animation, I wrangled their vision into an actionable plan. From a series of pitches to company leadership to building the production systems required to deliver, I was instrumental in making 2018’s top rebrand of the year a reality.

A savvy producer, knowledgeable consultant, a reliable sounding board, an all-round entertainment industry guru who understands the ins and outs of this ever evolving business; Sarah’s strategic mind thoughtfully breaks down insights, tough to crack briefs and offers real solutions.
— Cheryl Konieczko, Nickelodeon VP Creative Marketing & Operations


BET understood the significance of bringing an African-American female into the late night space, and wanted to be sure the world did, too. I developed and delivered the creative campaign that made the The Rundown with Robin Thede an epic level event; capturing Robin’s unique comedy style and creating a premium-level brand
experience for the network. Robin and her unicorn were buzzworthy beyond BET, with exposure on MSNBC and the New York Times.

Sarah is a custom, one of a kind creative, who takes problem solving to the next level. Her positive energy and good vibes make for successful collaborations again and again. Sarah understands how to adapt to the flow of every department and anticipates ever changing needs. Unicorn. 10/10.
— Scott Duncan, Director & DP